Legal Tips for Writers Newsletter

The fourth newsletter with legal tips for writers has just been sent (better late than never). This newsletter is free for anyone signed up to follow my blog. If you would like to receive the newsletter all you have to do is sign up for the newsletter (I hope you’ll sign up to follow my […]

Whatever You Want Wednesday

It’s time for another weekly installment of ‘pretending I know what I’m doing’ here on The Writing Piazza. As my book release grows ever closer, I work ever harder to keep my panic below dangerous levels. I’ve got a formatter working on my formatting and a book cover designer working on my cover. I am so close […]

The March of Progress

Happy March to all you fabulous folks! Thanks for joining me again here on TWP. It’s another fine day here in sunny Arizona! I wish I had more exciting news for you but sometimes, when it comes to writing and publishing there just isn’t that much excitement. It’s usually a lot of waiting and worrying […]

The Fire Has Been Rekindled

Hello my friends. My apologies for being MIA for the last couple weeks. My motivational levels have been so low for all things writing lately. But I have still been doing a whole lot of reading, like, a lot of reading. That coupled with a great meeting with my critique group has helped to light a fire under […]

What’s New on TWP

Ok folks, we are going to try this again since it is for such a great cause. I’m re-launching our second writing contest, we’re doing an anthology with proceeds going to help the Beagle Freedom Project. You can check out the details HERE. The last one, I got so many great entries, I’d love to see some […]

Refilling My Inspiration Well

Happy Wednesday TWPeeps! I hope this new year is treating you well and is full of inspiration. I myself am knee-deep in preparations for launching The Maladroit. I have successfully sent out requests to my insanely long list of book reviewers and bloggers. I am awaiting, with bated breath, their responses. In the mean time I […]

Once more into the breach

Hello my fabulous TWPeeps! I have missed you so much since our last post. Sorry for the little break but with the holidays and everything I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and needs to take a little hiatus from The Writing Piazza to recharge my batteries. Now here I am, refreshed and ready to go, […]

The Upside of Ho-Hum

Happy Wednesday TWPeeps! I feel as though I have failed you all. I have nothing new on the writing front to report to all of you. My heart aches to tell you something that’s way more entertaining for all of you. I wish that I could do exciting things each and every week and report them back […]

NaNo, thanks for the memories

Happy first Wednesday of December! Do you know what I love even more than Thanksgiving? Oh, that would be Christmas! I am so excited for Christmas. I thought I loved it as a kid but there’s nothing better than having kids on Christmas! I have twelve days of Christmas planned with a special activity for […]

What I’m thankful for

Eek, tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I’m so excited! And I thought you should know that I am so thankful for all of you. I am grateful that you choose to spend even a little time here on TWP and I hope you find it time well spent. A lot of work goes into maintaining a blog but […]

Writing, writing and more writing

Hello wonderful TWPeeps! Can you even believe that Thanksgiving is next week?! First I have to apologize for missing my post last week. This month has been crazy! Of course I blame it all on #NaNoWriMo. But it’s been good, I’ve been getting a ton of writing done! I’m working on the second book in […]