Book Launch a Call to Arms

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I’ve been a bit under the weather. But I’m feeling better today so hopefully I’m over the worst of it. This week’s post is a call to action. As I gear up for my book launch (I’m hoping it will be next month) I am looking for some super fabulous people to help with my launch.

Most books sell by word of mouth and a lot of authors have had success with something called Launch Teams or Street Teams. These are just groups of people that read the book and then tell others about it. I will be setting up one of these teams for the launch of The Maladroit. (Cue awesome music and cheering crowds.)

Now because my Launch Team will be the most awesome LT ever, I will be doing some crazy amazing stuff for those of you fabulous enough to make the cut. Here are just some of said things I will be doing.

First I will be calling them my Lt.’s (or lieutenants) because not only is it the abbreviation for Launch Team but I also happen to think it’s super cool and different from all the other teams that just call themselves Launch Teams. However, if you join my team and don’t like being called that let me know because I value you and your opinion. 🙂 Ok, now for the specifics of what I’ll be giving to my Lt.’s.

  • An electronic copy of the book, before its release date. (Which will include changes I’ve made at the suggestion of a number of you who have read my book already. Hopefully it will be an incentive for anyone who has read it once to read it again to see the changes I’ve made.)
  • I will also send out a signature sticker to those Lt.’s who purchase the book as an added bonus, score! (Just post a pic on social media of you with your book and I’ll send you a sticker.)
  • A chance to read the sequel well before the general public can get their hands on it.
  • A special thank you shout-out on my blog. (I will be posting this as a “sticky-note” on my blog so it will be at the top of all my other posts whenever anyone visits my site for a long time to come.)
  • Access to a private/closed Facebook group just for my Lt.’s. (This will be a place to keep lines of communication open and keep the energy level up. Here, I will be offering special giveaways and content just for my Lt.’s that no one else will have.)
  • I’ll be doing a giftcard giveaway drawing as part of the book launch. Everyone who fills out a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads will get an entry into the drawing for a $50 Amazon giftcard. This will include my Lt.’s. If they do a review on both sites, they will get two entries. If my Lt.’s do a blog post about the book during the first week of the launch, they will get an extra entry for that as well. (I will be opening this giveaway to anyone who emails proof of their review but I won’t require my Lt.’s to show proof, I will be taking their word for it if they tell me they did it.)
  • If a Lt. recruits a friend to join my Launch Team they will get an extra TWO entries, into my giveaway, for that.

Now that I’ve mentioned all the amazing things I’m going to offer to those who join my Launch Team, let’s talk about what I will expect from said team. Here are a few (hopefully) easy tasks I would like for my Lt.’s to accomplish.

  • Read my book. Pixlr_20150922172352987 (2)
  • Blog about or promote the book to friends, family, acquaintances on social media and/or in person, recommending my book in as an enthusiastic a manner as they can muster, especially during the first week of my launch.
  • Write a review for the book on Amazon and/or Goodreads.
  • And help shape my launch and how the book is promoted by working with me and the other Lt.’s to brainstorm ways to get the word out about my book.

So if those perks and tasks seem exciting and doable then please email TWP at and join up. I could really use your help!


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