I’ve never been good at thumb twiddling.

Hello my darling readers! Oh how I have missed you! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy our little chats every Friday. I have been receiving a lot of positive feedback about this blog and I am over the moon that you have chosen to follow my journey to write and publish my first novel series! Your thoughtful comments give me the courage to keep going even when I may be down in the dumps. Just a simple ‘I love your blog’ is enough to set me flying high once more. I promise to not sing Wind Beneath My Wings if you all promise to keep showing me love. Deal?

I know you’ll find this hard to believe but I’m still waiting to hear from my beta readers. I apologize for the slow progression of things lately but that’s usually how this all goes. The good thing about all this waiting is that I’ve had lots of time to think of new productive things for my blog and website. I’ve never been very good at sitting around twiddling my thumbs. My home page should be ready to go soon.  I’m super excited to have that nearing completion! I have a friend who has agreed to help me come up with a logo for my website. I am extremely grateful and I can hardly wait to see what amazing ideas he has for me! I will be posting some general information about myself and my writing on my website along with a schedule for future projects and appearances. There will also be a page for contests and giveaways so be sure to check it often once it goes live to keep up with all the great content for you to browse through!

Also on my blog, I now have two guest author interviews up with more scheduled for future weeks. I hope you are learning as much from them as I am and I hope you are finding them fun to read as well! I am trying to find a diverse group of authors and other people who can shed some light on the business of writing. My hope is that they can offer you their own unique experiences so you can get the most bang for your blog reading buck. I really love helping other aspiring writers out and I think this is something that can benefit us all. I know personally I’m trying to go the traditional publishing route but I am also interviewing authors who have self-published. So if that’s something you’d like to pursue, there’s plenty of information for you to glean from these interviews as well. If you aren’t interested in being a writer, I think you will still enjoy reading the interviews, as they offer the behind the scenes look that my blog is known for.

In addition to these interviews I have also been working on a novella just to share with you my lovely readers! I will start posting one chapter a week (or at least I will try my best to keep up with that schedule!). I thought I would give you a look at my actual story telling in hopes it will get you even more excited for my full length book. It’s a story (very) loosely based on events that have occurred in my life. Mostly the stories of accidents and embarrassing situations I have (more than) occasionally found myself in. I have always been a story teller. You can ask anyone who knows me, they will be familiar with a few of these anecdotes because I have shared them verbally before. I love to make people laugh and entertain them with my humorous tales. After sharing a couple such stories on social media, I had a couple people tell me “you should write a book!” They may have been kidding but it gave me the idea for my novella. So tune in for the first installment, I will be posting it on my blog on Monday!

Finally, the last thing I have been working on, is a special email. I thought maybe I could put my legal education to some use and write up a little su’m, su’m (wow, my spell check hates lingo) on some legal tips for authors. As artists, we often hate thinking about the legal side of what we do, but there is a lot that we need to be aware of. Contracts, copyrights and libel are just a few of the issues we face on our journey to publication. I thought maybe a special email that offered a few tips and general advice might be something beneficial to those of you who are pursuing a career in writing. I will be offering it only to those who are signed up to follow my blog, as an incentive to sign up. So if you haven’t signed up yet and this interests you then I hope this will entice you to take the leap to hit that wonderful “subscribe” button. If you are already signed up to follow me and this interests you, fear not! I will be happy to send you the email as well, just comment on this post and I will send a copy to the email address you signed up with. If this doesn’t interest you at all, fear not, I am still brainstorming and will come up with more brilliant ideas for super secret emails just for you, you are not forgotten!

Whew! I feel like that was a lot of new stuff, was that a lot? I’m looking forward to all the new things I’ve got planned for you my fabulous readers, I hope you are too! If you have any other ideas for things you’d like to see on my blog in the future, please, please, please jot a quick comment and let me know. I love hearing new ideas!

Until we meet again!


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