NaNo, thanks for the memories

Happy first Wednesday of December! Do you know what I love even more than Thanksgiving? Oh, that would be Christmas! I am so excited for Christmas. I thought I loved it as a kid but there’s nothing better than having kids on Christmas! I have twelve days of Christmas planned with a special activity for […]

What I’m thankful for

Eek, tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I’m so excited! And I thought you should know that I am so thankful for all of you. I am grateful that you choose to spend even a little time here on TWP and I hope you find it time well spent. A lot of work goes into maintaining a blog but […]

Writing, writing and more writing

Hello wonderful TWPeeps! Can you even believe that Thanksgiving is next week?! First I have to apologize for missing my post last week. This month has been crazy! Of course I blame it all on #NaNoWriMo. But it’s been good, I’ve been getting a ton of writing done! I’m working on the second book in […]

NaNoWriMo is upon us!

Happy Wednesday TWPeeps! This week has been a whirlwind of activity. We had a large community outreach at my church on Saturday that took up a lot of my time last week getting ready for it. It was a great event, I just love helping people! Then of course there was Trick-or-Treating Saturday evening. My […]

Nitty Gritty Update

Heeeeyo! Happy Wednesday. I don’t have much of an update. Life has gotten in the way once again. This time in the form of my parents’ boisterous puppy who tore a huge chunk out of my hand when we were playing one evening. Thus making typing extremely difficult (well, making everything difficult really). I haven’t […]

When So Sure Turns to Insecure

Hello TWPeeps! Happy Wednesday, I hope your week is progressing at exactly the speed you wish it to. My past week has been filled with writing and working on the blog tour. My list of possible blogs has grown to over 200 so I’ve been trying to collect the information for all of them. Needless […]

Oh How the Time Flies!

This week has been rather slow on the writing front. I’ve been working with my book launch team to try to get that to take off. I’m still looking for some more people to join my Maladroit Lt’s. If you’re interested in fun contests, exclusive content and so much more, please let me know in […]

Small Steps for Book Promotion

Happy Wednesday! This week has been a little crazy but not with writing stuff. My fellas are on fall break so my free time has been a bit lacking. Not to mention Netflix has been adding a lot of new seasons of shows I love so that’s been distracting lol. But I did manage to […]

EINs and Logos and Blood Moons Oh My!

Things are heating up with the preparations for the book launch of The Maladroit. I have started my book launch team The Maladroit lieutenants! If you’d like more information about all the great stuff you’ll get to be a part of, check it out HERE. If you’d like to join us on our book launch […]

Book Launch a Call to Arms

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I’ve been a bit under the weather. But I’m feeling better today so hopefully I’m over the worst of it. This week’s post is a call to action. As I gear up for my book launch (I’m hoping it will be next month) I am looking for some super fabulous […]