Pitching a fit or a synopsis, same difference?

I can hardly believe it is Friday already! It feels like I was just writing last week’s post and here I find myself once again typing away on the ole laptop. I thought I had plenty of time to write this and then I woke up this morning and realized that today was Friday! Eeek! Please excuse any incoherent ramblings this week, I’m feeling a little under the weather and I’m all hopped up on cold medicine. At least this week I have an excuse for my incoherent ramblings. Bazinga!

This week has been an exciting one, at least I think so, then again I’m on cold medicine so what do I know? Ha! This week I posted the first chapter of my novella The Maladroit. If you haven’t read it yet you should absolutely go do that, here’s a link Chapter 1 to make it easier for you to go read it. I’d really like to know what you think too so either comment below or on one of my many social media accounts or email me at thewritingpiazza@gmail.com. I have heard from a couple of you about your thoughts and I would love to hear from more of you, so don’t be shy, goodness knows I’m not!

This week I haven’t done much writing, other than typing up my latest interview (which was awesome, you should go take a look at it). I have been mostly in reading mode. I am taking lots of good notes and thinking about the special email I am working on to send out to you my faithful blog followers. I promise that I will only write legal tips when I am off the cold medicine. You’re welcome. I have been reading up on some common problems that authors deal with, I thought that would help me direct my tips towards issues that writers are likely to face. I’ve got a lot of material to go through still, I have always been one to do my homework before offering advice. I like to be thorough. I may get carried away sometimes and it may take me a bit longer because I get so in-depth in my research but I think it will all be worth it in the end. I’m hoping my final work will be beneficial to many of you out there. For those of you who are not writers, do not fear, I am still brainstorming a special email just for you. If you have suggestions for something you’d like to see please comment on this post or shoot me an email. I am always open to suggestions.

Also this week I participated in a Twitter Pitch. For those of you who aren’t familiar, these are ‘contests’ for a lack of better word. Agents and/or publishers announce them and authors have the chance to pitch their book ideas on Twitter at certain times. Though this sounds like a good idea in theory, and it’s very exciting to think about being “discovered” this way by a literary agent or publisher, the practicality of this concept is a bit ludicrous. If you will indulge me for a moment, it may seem I’ve gone off down the rabbit hole but I promise to bring it all back to this concept of a Twitter Pitch in a moment.

If you speak with anyone who has queried an agent or publisher, if you even mention the words “synopsis” the author will likely break out in hives or their eye might start to twitch. A synopsis is often harder for an author to write, than the novel itself was. Trying to condense your novel into a couple pages causes a writer to start to panic. Trying to fit the important aspects of your months of work into one page is enough to break even the strongest of writers’ wills. Trying to cram your literary genius into a paragraph will usually result in tears. Then we arrive back at the Twitter Pitch. I sometimes have difficulty forming complete thoughts in 140 characters but to attempt to summarize the concept of your book in less than 140 spaces (because you have to include the hashtag that’s usually at least ten characters long) is sheer and utter madness! Still, the allure of having an agent see your concept and “favorite” it, is so strong that it’s hard for any author to resist, yours truly included.

This is the second Twitter Pitch I have participated in. My first one was a bit more successful. I had a few retweets at least. This one resulted in absolutely nothing. The rules of the Twitter Pitch are simple, other people can retweet the heck out of your tweet (and they should, that makes your tweet stand out more to the agents) and then if an agent sees it and favorites it, that is an invitation to query them and guarantees you a pass to the front of the line of their pile of manuscripts to read. It seems crazy to think you could ever explain a book in one or two sentences and yet these pitch fests usually trend highly on Twitter whenever they occur. I know the odds of anything coming from it are slim to none and yet the stories of authors landing an agent or contract after they participated in a Twitter pitch keeps me coming back time and again. I think it’s a lot like buying a lottery ticket. I’m sure I will keep participating in them so if you follow me on Twitter and you see a tweet of mine with a hashtag with the word “pitch” in it, do a sister a favor and retweet the mess out of it!

Well that about sums up my exciting week, I’ll give you a minute to catch your breath. I’m going to have to join the circus or something in order to top it next week. And of course you know I have to plug my novella one last time, check it out by clicking here Chapter 1. And tune in on Monday for the next chapter of the exciting story!


Until we meet again!

  • Ha! I love your promise not to share legal advice while on cold medicine. Good guideline to have. 🙂

    As for Twitter pitch contests, I know several people who have found success with them, and I think it’s wonderful of any agent or other coordinator to offer the opportunity. Still, it’s good that contests like this haven’t replaced regular querying, because I think that’s where most people have their success, honestly. (Actually, I signed with New Leaf as a result of a query letter. It totally works!)

    Good luck and happy querying/pitching!

    • Kara

      Caryn, it’s those stories about people that have found success with the Twitter pitch contests that keeps me going! It’s just so incredibly hard to sum up a whole book with so few character spaces! Congrats on signing with New Leaf! (They are on my list of places to query.) It’s such a daunting process! Thanks for letting us all know that there’s hope for us yet. 🙂

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