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There is so much more to being a writer nowadays than simply writing a book, screenplay, short story, etc. With the vast number of authors taking to self-publishing to get their work out there, and the traditional publishers trying to keep up, an author must now work harder than ever to sell their work. Regardless of which publishing route they take, if an author wants their work to sell, they will need to be promoting it themselves. So I thought it might be beneficial to put together some resources for authors to help with make this task less daunting.

We are so excited to announce our newest addition to TWP, videos! This means that things are going to be moving around a bit. So if you can’t find something where it usually is, it doesn’t mean we’ve taken it down. It probably just means we moved it somewhere else. If you need help, just leave a comment. Or you can email us at

If you would like to see a list of our resource articles, just click HERE.

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We are also working on adding some podcasts so be sure to check back regularly to all the new content we will be posting!

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