Writer’s Resource Articles

Here on TWP, we strongly believe in helping other authors hone their craft. That’s why we started adding tons of resources for authors on our blog. Here are a plethora of writer’s resource articles just to get you started.

Don’t forget to check out the other pages on this blog for more writing resources. We also have instructional videos and soon we will be adding podcasts. These will only be available to TWP Community though so if you haven’t signed up yet, you can do that HERE.

This will be the page that gives an index of the topics and tips that will be shared here on the blog. Some of these articles will be written by the staff of TWP, some will be written by others who are familiar with the areas they discuss.

So browse the list below, and keep checking back as more content will be added as time goes by.

Writer’s Resource Articles

Author Websites Writer's Resource Articles

Tips for Search Engine Optimization

12 SEO Tips for Beginners

10 Tips for Building your Author Platform on Twitter

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Beta Readers

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Writing with Consistency

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Essential Tool for Querying

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Helpful Hashtags for Writers

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Writing Prompts

Book Media Kits

Finding an Editor

Q & A About the ISBN

The Wondrous World of Wattpad

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Important Differences Between PR and Marketing

10 Tips for Book Marketing

Do’s and Don’ts of Book Sequels

Stop Using the Word ‘Very’ Immediately

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