Short Story Contest

So we’ve decided to launch a new section here on The Writing Piazza. It will be entitled:

Short Story Showcase.

We will be doing contests periodically searching for the best new short stories submitted to The Writing Piazza for publication on this site.

Anyone can submit one story per contest for consideration. You do not have to be previously published but the piece you submit must be owned entirely by you (can’t be published elsewhere or co-written).

By submitting your story you are agreeing to allow The Writing Piazza to post your story on this blog for as long as the blog is in existence and certifying that you are the sole owner of the writing in its entirety. The winner will be announced on July 1st. 1st place winner will receive a $25 giftcard to Amazon. 2nd and 3rd place winners will also have their pieces posted on the website with links to the author’s website and/or social media pages if so desired.

This contest will only proceed if we receive more than 10 submissions so feel free to share this contest with others. If ten submissions are not received, participants will be contacted via email and they will be free to submit their story elsewhere.

Each submission should be less than 20,000 words. It must be received by midnight, June 20th EST. It can be any genre but please no gratuitous sex and/or violence and no profanity. Please include your name, email address and title of your story along with the story itself attached as a Word document or a PDF file. If you don’t have Word or can’t attach the story as a PDF file, please copy and paste the story directly into the body of the email.

Emails should be sent to: with the subject line: “Short Story Showcase.”

This contest’s story line requirement is inspired by a dream I had last night. More specifically, the last line of the dream, which is the only thing I could remember as it flashed through my head just upon waking. The story can be about anything but must include the line “grab your toothbrush and let’s go save the world” somewhere in your story.

So put on those thinking caps and get to writing. You have until June 20th to submit and like I mentioned, the winner will be announced July 1st.

Happy writing and until we meet again!

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