Wax on, wax off, polishing your manuscript

Well hello there! It’s so lovely to see you. If this is your first time, welcome, I’m glad you’re here. If you have visited more than once then welcome back. If you’re a subscriber then you’re my reason for bustin’ my bum each week trying to write a killer blog post. You are angels and I love you dearly!

Now that we’ve got the hellos out of the way, please make yourselves at home. Take your shoes off, put your feet up, have a nice tall glass of whatever you have on hand that sounds good. (Sorry, technology hasn’t caught up with my hospitality yet or I’d offer you some of this sparkling raspberry lemonade I just made. Eat your heart out Martha Stewart.) Don’t mind the cat, he always stares like that, he’s a bit of a creeper but he’s harmless. Feel free look around and the bathroom’s down the hall, second door on the right.

The past few days have been a little hectic. Once again I set goals for myself and have been running around like a deranged monkey trying to get it all done. I decided to do one final polish on my manuscript for those agencies that request the whole thing up front, and I wanted to finish making my synopsis presentable as well (hopefully). So that I could concentrate on sending everything out and waiting for the offers to come rolling in right? Riiiiiiiight.

I have a confession to make to you, that final polish was a lot more difficult than I thought it’d be. I had already been through my MS (manuscript) many, many (did I say many?) many times. Then I sent it to my critique partner and to my beta readers and after getting their feedback guess what I did? Ooooh you’re so smart! I went over it many more times! I have to say, I really wish I could make a blog that did sound effects when you read certain parts because well, that’d be awesome. But technology is once again failing me so you will have to use your imaginations instead. I’m sure your imagination will exceed my expectations unlike technology which has decided to boycott me and laugh at my hopes and dreams.

Ok, so here I was, silly me, thinking this last time through “polish” of my MS would be a piece of cake. I’d sail through it and maybe even (gasp) get to enjoy my book. Alas, it was not meant to be. (Cue violin music.) I don’t know what happened but going through it, everything seemed wrong, and bad, and uncertain. Perhaps I was just overthinking it, but I came upon problem after problem. I thought I’d get through it in a couple days (like I do when I actually read books) hahahahahahaha. That. Did. Not. Happen. It took me a whole week to get through it. I felt like I did the first time I went through it after I finished my very first rough draft (insert growling noise here).

Amidst revisions I also had to write a chapter for my novella #themaladroit that I post each week. If you haven’t read it yet I think you should. It’s a lot of fun and a bit exciting, or maybe I just think it is because I’m usually writing until the last minute! J You can read it HERE. It’s a fun light read that I hope you will find utterly entertaining and if you legitimately lol a couple of times then I will consider it a job well done.

I’ve also been working on guest interviews and I’m in talks with another writer about doing a guest post right here for your reading pleasure. So be sure to keep an eye out for that. I thought it would be fun for you to hear thoughts from another writer’s perspective. Especially while I’m doing all this boring waiting to hear back from all the amazing literary agents I’ll be querying. Just because I’m sitting around waiting doesn’t mean you need to!

So amidst all that, the ole polishing thing took a every ounce of effort and motivation I could squeeze out. I felt like quitting and had to be talked down off the ledge a couple of times. A friend on Instagram @readingwritingcommunity started the Deluded Monocle Club of which I’m a founding member and the meme it was birthed from really sums up my experience nicely.

Deluded Monocle Club
That last box is how I felt much of the time. Now like I said, I was probably just overthinking it. I mean it got to the point where I was reading sentences to my mom going. “This English good yes? Me talk right?” But trudged through it I did, and I think my MS is the better for it. If anything I caught some typos I missed before and I’m just praying I didn’t make things worse.

So that has been my week, wonderful readers. The life of a writer is not all glamorous book signings and calls from directors wanting to turn your story into a movie. Often it is nerve wracking, soul crushing, motivation sucking, mind numbingly hard work. But one day, when I’m flying across oceans to talk future book deals, when the lines at my book signings have to wrap around the building, when some crazy awesome director calls me and says they want to make a movie out of my book. Or if none of that happens but a handful of people tell me that they loved my book. It will all be worth it to me.

Now I just have to get my synopsis ready and raring to go. That shouldn’t take long right? Right?

Until we meet again.

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