When So Sure Turns to Insecure

Hello TWPeeps! Happy Wednesday, I hope your week is progressing at exactly the speed you wish it to. My past week has been filled with writing and working on the blog tour. My list of possible blogs has grown to over 200 so I’ve been trying to collect the information for all of them. Needless to say it’s going to take a while.

I am still having issues with Bowker and purchasing my ISBNs but I’m not giving up. I’m hoping to have them in my virtual possession by this time next week. Then I can get the digital formatting done and the book cover made. It’s crazy all the little details that have to be handled when putting a book together. I have seen some self-pubbed and small press books that are out there that are not done very well and I don’t want the books published by Writing Piazza Press to be sub-standard. I keep having panic attacks and checking and rechecking everything. I have researched and researched and just when I think I’m ready to bite the bullet and finally publish, I see something else and I freak out and push back the date or drag my heels on doing things so the release date gets pushed back even farther.

I’m being real with all of you because the whole point of this blog is to give a behind the scenes look at what writing and publishing is about. Well that and to help other writers write and publish their books too. So I’m being transparent about the hardships and the fears that I face so you will see what it’s truly like. It’s nerve-racking and utterly terrifying but I think when I finally have a copy of the completed book in my hands that all this will be totally worth it. And the fact that so many of you have told me you like my stories means the absolute world to me. It helps me keep going even when I feel like giving up, especially when I feel like giving up.

On a not scary note, I did finally get some writing done. I decided to write my own short story for the anthology I’m putting together. I started working on it and I am really excited with how it is coming together. If you’re a writer and would like to enter the contest for my short story anthology that Writing Piazza Press will be publishing, you can view the guidelines for the contest HERE. I’ve opened it up to some creative writing groups so you’ll have some competition but the winners will get to claim the prize of a published work on their resumes. Not to mention you’ll be helping rescue animals from places that use them for animal testing.

And I can’t let you all go without asking for some help with my book launch team. If you like contests and giveaways and exclusive content then please comment below or email me at thewritingpiazza@gmail.com and join my book launch team. You’ll get all those great things and more if you join us. And you don’t have to do anything crazy like cold call people or dress up in weird costumes or anything (unless you want to, in which case I won’t stop you!) so don’t be shy and sign up today!

That does it for this weeks’ activities. Thanks for tuning in. If you haven’t wandered around the site lately you should. We have added a ton of great content including Book Reviews and Interviews along with some awesome Resources for Writers so click those links and feast your eyes on some awesome stuff! Thanks for coming by, I love spending this time with all of you.

Until we meet again.

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