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Dance of the Sugar Plum Query

So I did it ladies and gentlemen. I sent my very first query letter! I feel like there should have been fireworks or a congratulations call from the President or…something. It was emailed to the agent that I met at the conference I just attended a week and a half ago. But it felt like more than an email. It felt like a life changing event. The odds of that letter coming to any sort of fruition are slim. I still can’t help but hope, as any writer would, that the agent will read it and be so excited about my story that he will just have to sign me.

I have a friend whom I call my “writing parabatai.” Some of you may get the reference, some of you may not but it’s not super important to my story. She’s a writer too and so I tell her pretty much everything because I know she’ll understand. I told her how nervous I was about sending the query and about all the rejections that I could rack up. It was one of those low points that authors find themselves in where they question what they’re doing and whether it’s really worth it. And she always knows just what to say. This time (and I’m Karaphrasing her words of course) it was: If an agent doesn’t pick you then you should be glad, because that means they didn’t love your story and believe in it the way you need an agent to love and believe in your book.

Then she went on to talk about JK Rowling (she knows that always cheers me up) and that I would get published. It’s so helpful to have people like that in your life when you’re a writer. There are plenty of people who will share in your high times with you, but it is the true friend that helps pick you up out of your low times. I will always be grateful to her for being there for me. One of these days when we are both published authors we will look back on this time and be glad that we went through it, but even more glad that it’s over! Then we will clink our drinks with little umbrellas in them as we lounge by the pool at a Disney resort. Because what does any debut author do when they finally get a book contract? THEY GO TO DISNEYWORLD! 🙂

I will keep sending out query letters. I will try not to take it personally when I get rejected. I will keep writing my stories and working toward my goals. I will keep going with my writing parabatai fighting by my side. And one day, maybe my dreams will come true and a complete stranger will come up to me and say “your books had a huge impact on my life.” I would take that comment over any book contract or literary award that could be granted (though I would really like those too haha). I think about all the books that have changed me, made my life better. They were all amazing gifts. I only hope one day my books can make such a difference in someone else’s life. Perhaps that’s cheesy or naïve but that’s why I write. It’s what makes facing rejection worth it. Knowing that one day, an agent will say “yes” and find me a publisher. That someday, someone will fall in love with my story the way I have. That the world I’ve created will transport, those who need it most, away from this world. Perhaps my books will change the way they look at the world. Or maybe they might inspire them to write a life changing book of their own. It probably won’t solve their problems but maybe it will give them the courage they need to go on facing them. I just want my books to be great, and here’s what I know about great books.

For a book to be truly great, requires two elements. Though a writer creates the world. It is the reader that brings it to life.

Now that I’ve finished my first book, I’m looking for some amazing readers who will bring my stories to life. I hope you all will be one of them! You can check out my writing by reading the first 7 chapters of my novella The Maladroit HERE. Or you can check out what my upcoming book The Seeker Initiative will be about HERE.

Tune in next week to hear about my gear-up for “PitMad” it should be an exciting time!

Until we meet again.

  • CONGRATULATIONS! *does a happy dance* I know we’re strangers (although I feel all writers are connected in a special way) but just hearing that a fellow writer has sent out their first query letter is exciting! I am no where near that, I am still in writing phase. Then there is editing and re editing and feedback and more editing and…anyways. I have a ways to go. But it is inspiring for me to read this. I am new to your blog, but I’m glad I made my way here. Cheers to you!!! I look forward to hearing more and exploring your site.

    • Kara

      Laura, I’m so glad you’re here! It is both exciting and nerve-racking! Let me know if theres anything I can do to help you out along your journey!

  • Thank you so much!

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