Ain’t no mountain high, ain’t no valley low, or is there?

Welcome back to another Wednesday post here on The Writing Piazza! You guys really help keep me going! Thanks for joining me here on my blog, it means the world to me. It has been another hard week, only this time I get to add failing at trying to be a lawyer to my already extensive, failing to be a published writer list. Yay! No, but seriously, I’m hoping the rest of my week turns up some better news, or at the very least, that there will be no more bad news. On a more positive note, one of my wonderful readers nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much Ashley! You’re nomination came at such a great time, so thank you for that!

I’ve been working on some side projects to try to earn a bit of money while I’m waiting to make it as a big time… something. haha I think side projects to make money is a past-time many writers have taken part in. But all my efforts in that area have been equally frustrating. So what’s a writer to do when you feel like throwing in the towel? You realize you’re not the first person to find yourself in this position. Many, many, many other authors have gone through these low valleys (and made it out alive). So you are faced with two choices. Change directions or keep going. Now me, I am a glutton for punishment so I’m going to keep going. I’m going to just keep plugging away and pray that something finally clicks in the right direction. But you need to decide for yourself whether to cut your losses or whether it’s worth it to you to continue with your pursuits.

To me, it’s still worth it, so I will keep working on publishing my novella and I will keep querying agents for my full length novel. I will keep blogging and helping other writers as much as I can with my resources section and guest interviews. I will keep meeting with my critique groups. I will also keep my spirits up by connecting with all of you, doing fun stuff with my fellas and working on my fellas’ upcoming birthday party. You gotta find what makes you happy and make sure to throw some of that in there when the going gets tough. Too much bad stuff without any good stuff is a recipe for disaster. So be sure you’re getting that good stuff in too.

Now for your assignment. I know you probably didn’t think there would be an assignment for this post, but alas, there is! Below in the comments section, tell me what you do to keep your spirits up when you’re heading through the valleys of life. You never know when your suggestions might help someone else out of a tough time. So get those fingers warmed up and get to typing folks! I can’t wait to read how all you strong, marvelous people keep your spirits up! And tune in next week to see if my sojourn through the low, low valley will finally come to an end. It’s a real-life cliff hanger. Get it? See what I did there? Ok, I’m done trying to be punny. πŸ™‚Mountain Valley

Until we meet again.

  • When I’m in a slump, I spend time with people who believe in me. I jump in on conversations in my favorite FB Author group and listen to/read their stories of their personal ups and downs. It reminds me that I’m not alone in my journey. Afterward, I develop a game plan. I keep writing, but I also find other ways to make progress. There’s always a to-do list a mile long whether you’re going for traditional publishing or self-publishing. If I’m checking things off that list, I know I’m headed in the right direction. God’s got my back. As long as I put in the effort, things will happen when they’re supposed to.

    • Kara

      That’s so great Carisa! Thanks for taking the time to share! It’s always great to know you aren’t the only one who has gone through the tough times, because it reminds we can get through the tough times and that there are good times ahead!

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    I sing, bake, read, eat sweets, spend time with my dog, and think about the beauties of life when I’m down. I also daydream of new, better worlds-which also gives me ideas for writing!

    • Kara

      I have a killer sweet tooth too Jessica! My animals also are very therapeutic. πŸ™‚ Making my kids laugh is also something I like to do when I’m feeling down. It’s like the best thing ever! Thanks for sharing what you do to keep your spirits up!

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        My dog always knocks me onto my back and climbs onto to me so she can lick my face, which always makes me laugh. She always knows how I’m feeling and just what she should do πŸ™‚

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    Hi Kara! I’m sure you will find a position and you will be a successful lawyer in the near future.
    When I’m depressed I write poetry. The only problem is that my depression is demonstrated in the poems I write and are somewhat dark and disturbing, but it helps me to feel better. See you Saturday night at the Paradise! – Sincerely, David

    • Kara

      Writing can be very therapeutic David, don’t be afraid to be real. We missed you tonight at the critique group!

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