Eden’s Soldiers – Review

Eden’s Soldiers  Screenshot_2015-09-12-19-53-48_20150924200840101_20150924201815286 (1)

Written by: Andrew Bell

I was sent the ARC for Eden’s Soldiers to go with the interview I did with author Andrew Bell which you can read HERE. I read it through in just two sittings.

The story is what I call hard science fiction, not soft science fiction. I’m not saying one sort of sci-fi is better than the other, just different. The hard science fiction has lots of technical jargon and science-y terms, often times a lot of military stuff. The soft sci-fi is generally where the concept is futuristic or based on some scientific breakthrough but there isn’t a lot of science discussed. These are categories I have made just because I like sub-categories.

This book fit squarely into my hard sci-fi sub-category. It was reminiscent of Ender’s Game. If you’re looking for something in the soft sci-fi sub-category like the Lunar Chronicles, this isn’t it, but that’s not a bad thing, just pointing out the differences. 🙂

I’ll start off by saying that the first part of the book is a bit confusing. The writing is a little scattered and a lot of names get thrown at you relatively quickly.  But the characters eventually thin out and it becomes easier to keep track of everyone, even root for them.

Aside from needing a bit of a polish, the other thing that bothered me was the way the soldiers addressed their commanding officers by their first names. This could just be a personal preference and it is set far in the future so maybe the author wants it to be different from the military hierarchy that I’m so used to. But it just felt wrong to me that they would call their CO’s by their first names so casually.

All that said, these things are usually enough to keep me from recommending a book to someone else. But I would still recommend this book to any fans of science fiction because the story is so intriguing. It takes a little while for the hooks to get into you but once they do, they don’t let go until you reach the end of the story.

The twists you don’t see coming (and I usually see them coming) and you turn page after page because you’re so anxious to know what happens next. The story-line absolutely draws you in. Those things I mentioned above, those are all easy to overlook if the story captivates you and this one will. A story that really grips you like this one does is a special treat that should be treasured and shared.

I give this book:

ink pen rating systemink pen rating systemink pen rating systemink pen rating system


Out of Five Ink Pens.