Levant Mirage – Review


Levant Mirage

Written By: Oliver Chase

A Military novel with an interesting storyline. I watch some similar types of movies but I never read this genre of books so it was my first.

It’s written with a lot of political or military information so if you’re unfamiliar with such things like me, I panicked at first. I thought I would never get around the story but the writer made it easy to understand by giving brief summaries between large informative conversations which I think is so smart and helpful. I had no trouble at all.

Adam (the main character) is the typical heroic army member and you can’t help but pick his side throughout the journey.

It’s mixed with light romance, this helps take the edge of the hectic story.

I like that it takes place in the present time so you come across familiar names and events. There were some events, political views, and religious views that were said by characters that I didn’t like and I thought it was a bit provoking but I just kept in mind that it’s a piece of fiction.

There were some stereotypes about Arabs and Islam, for example the clothes. I think it’s about time that writers stop using stereotypical old descriptions of Arabs and the Arabic world.

What amused me about this novel is the amount of twists and turns and secrets! It never ends. The suspense keeps showing up and the changes come throughout the whole story! And prepare yourself for unexpected ending!

I’ll give it

ink pen rating systemink pen rating systemink pen rating systemink pen rating system



out of five ink pens.