Seed of the Sunflower – Review

Screenshot_2015-09-12-19-53-48_20150924200840101_20150924201815286 (1)Written by: Lisa N Edwards

It’s finally here! Seed of the Sunflower. The third and final book in Edwards’ Can’t Fight Fate trilogy. Ever since beginning this journey with this talented writer, I have been dying to know how it all will end. And Edwards did not disappoint! Holy twists and turns Batman!

I won’t give any spoilers because you seriously need to read this one for yourself. It’s an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. If you want more info on the story arc so far, you can read the reviews for the first two books here: Can’t Fight Fate and Chasing Butterflies.

Seed of the Sunflower

We pick up where book two, Chasing Butterflies left off as we finally learn the fate of MC Nikki Kirkpatrick’s best friend Siobhan. That cliffhanger at the end of the second book was enough to make me count down the days until the release of Seed of the Sunflower. When a book starts by answering such a long awaited question, it can sometimes make the rest of the book seem unnecessary. But Edwards masterfully reminds us that this wasn’t the only crucial question we’d all been waiting to have answered.

The even larger question of whether the psychic’s predictions about the “green-eyed man” would come true loomed large throughout the rest of the story. It had me turning page after page until I finished the book in one sitting!

The author stays true to her main character. I’m always a stickler for consistency whenever authors write characters over multiple books. She both maintains and grows all her characters so faithfully. They simply come alive before you on the page.

Edwards will leave you guessing until the end, when everything will be revealed in a way you won’t see coming. You’ll read the last few words and need to sit and ponder it all for a while before you can fully unpack all the feels you will be feeling by the time you read the last page.

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Kudos to Edwards for making her third book the best one yet!

I give this book:

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Out of five ink pens.