Shattered Lies – Review


Written by SJ Francis.

The family is like a precious jewel to be protected and admired. Yet, when lies build an ugly cobweb of deception, the end result is powerful enough to shatter the foundation of the truth and thus, the familial bond.

SJ Francis examines the destruction of one family’s foundation under the weight of lies in her thoughtful and wonderful book, Shattered Lies.

The main protagonist of this story, Kate Thayer, is a veterinarian living on her family’s farm. She adores the animals and her grandmother, strong willed matriarch Katherine Thayer. At the outset, the reader learns that both of Kate’s parents have died and that she was raised by her paternal grandmother. The young woman also lost her husband, Adam, in a tragic accident.

Kate’s paternal grandmother, Katherine Thayer is the epitome of the old school Southern lady. While she has left Kate to handle the daily business of the farm, Katherine is privy to what is going on. Katherine rules her household with an iron fist. With deep rooted prejudices, Katherine is often unkind to her African American servants who are, for the most part, very loyal to her. When Kate goes into the locked attic and discovers her mother’s journal, her curiosity drives her to learn more about her mother. All she knows is that there was intense hatred between her mother’s family and her father’s family.

What follows for Kate is a journey of discovery as she confronts familial skeletons. It is a loss of innocence for her, in a way, and of trust in the people in her life. Yet, these revelations offer a new future for her and the possibility of reshaping her family.

There are so many twists and turns that suspense is effectively sustained throughout the book.

Shattered Lies explores the painful legacy of bigotry and how such a legacy can destroy many lives. In doing so, SJ Francis writes with raw honesty using language that has become embedded in the culture of racism. It will be uncomfortable and unpleasant for the reader at times. But I do applaud Francis’ efforts. She has crafted a memorable book that will leave a lasting impression.

A very thought provoking book.

I give this book:

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Out of five ink pens.