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Party of the Year

Hello my long lost fellow Writing Piazza peeps. I am so sorry I missed last week, but we had the Harry Potter Party blowout and it got a little hectic. I thought I’d include a few pics just to show you I wasn’t out slacking off somewhere when I missed last weeks’ post. We all […]

Short and Sweet and Sour

Hello folks, it’s been a crazy week so far! I have been getting things ready for the fellas’ birthday party. I can’t believe it’s a week from Friday! This post will be short seeing as how I don’t have much to report. I haven’t had a chance to do much with my writing. I did […]

Inspiration, the elusive creature.

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far. My week has been rather busy. My fellas are in the midst of their first full week of school (I know, it’s super early, that’s just the way they roll here in the AZ). It’s been a bit of a scramble to […]

New Writing Contest Announcement!

For this next contest, we will be working with a group called the Beagle Freedom Project. They help animals (not just beagles) that are being used for animal testing to try to get them freed and end animal testing. I highly encourage you to check out their website they have this really great opportunity where […]

Something wicked this way comes.

Something wicked-awesome that is! Stay tuned for an exciting announcement a bit farther on down my post. (Cue suspenseful music.) But you’ll have to wait a few paragraphs. (Maniacal laugh.)   Well the boys are back in town which means I have a few short weeks left to pack in as much summer fun as […]

Short Story Contest Winner

I can hardly believe it’s the first day of July! That means my birthday is less than two weeks away but that’s not why you all are here. You are here to find out who won The Writing Piazza’s first ever short story contest! I have to say, it was a tough decision (and a close one). […]

Hot Mess Express

Sorry for the late posting today. I usually post earlier in the day but this has been a pretty hectic week so far. I’ve been getting my fellas’ ready for a trip to see their dad for two weeks. So I’ve been running around trying to get everything together for them all while trying to […]

Running in circles or the right circles

Hello my lovelies! I’m writing to you poolside. It’s my “office” for most of the summer while my fellas are on summer break. It’s also hard to feel bad about all the shiny new rejections letters I’ve received when I’m looking out at the sparkling pool on this gorgeous day. I’m not sure if I […]

Blow by blow of the status quo.

Happy Wednesday all my Writing Piazza Peeps. I hope your week is going fabulous! Because I’m sure you’re all wondering, I did send out those queries I mentioned last week so no need to hound me about them. Cause I’m sure you were all just itching to do that. 🙂 This week has been pretty status quo […]

Getting my to-do list to-done.

So much going on I feel like I don’t have enough hours in the day to get it all done. (Notice I don’t even have time for a proper hello to all you lovelies!) And with the fellas out of school, I’ve had even more to do each day with entertaining two energetic young lads […]