I’m not a lady, I’m a duck!

Hello my lovelies! You’ll have to excuse me if I’m a little unorthodox in today’s post (i.e. the heading of this post). I am currently being medicated (per doctor’s orders) so I may be a bit (more) loopy (than usual). I know, I know, I missed last week! I feel so bad for missing my weekly post (and not posting a new #guestinterviewfriday) but I promise it wasn’t because I don’t love you all dearly. I have been having horrible abdominal pain and after a horrible misdiagnosis (complete with medication that actually made things dreadfully worse) I landed myself in the E.R. where they finally (hopefully) got me on the right path. (Am I using a lot of parentheses or is it just me?) I’m now a little better off than when this all started but there’s still a ways to go. So if I’m a little off my game here with The Writing Piazza, please be patient with me. And if anyone wants to help out here on the ole blogy-blog just let me know!

So most of the past week has been spent in bed trying to get better. I haven’t had a lot of motivation for writing things. I hope you will forgive me. So let’s talk about what I hope to accomplish in the upcoming days. I have my IRL writing critique group this evening. I need to pick something to share tonight or else write something worth sharing.

I also received a few more “dear john” letters from agents (kick a girl while she’s down right?!) so I’d like to send out some more queries. I have a list I’ve collected, of agents for my next round. I’ve collected them in my travels about the internet. I’ve got my fingers cross that perhaps this harvest will come to fruition.

I would like to get a bit more written for my sequel to The Maladroit. And I would also like to finally announce The Writing Piazza’s second writing contest. Which I’m super excited about for the record. It’s a bit more involved than the last one so I’m trying to make sure I have all my ducks in a row. Quack, quack. I’m not a lady I’m a duck. Sorry, I was having a Mighty Ducks flashback. I’m ok now.

I also applied for a trademark for the Writing Piazza Press, I’m super excited to get that going. I’m still waiting to get the official nod on that. I’m also still waiting for my cover art, that reminds me I should send a message to my art guy and see how it’s coming along. I also need to finish coming up with chapter titles for The Maladroit. I’m having the hardest time with them. Do any of you out there do chapter titles? Do any of you not do chapter titles? I’m just curious what everyone’s thoughts are on them. I also need to purchase my ISBNs from Bowker.

And in case you didn’t know you need separate ISBNs for physical books and for ebooks. That’s just a little nugget of truth for you, you’re welcome.

That about does it for today. Hope it was all comprehensible. If not, one day we’ll look back on this and laugh. I pray you’re all having a much better week than I am!

Until we meet again.

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    Hope you feel better! Being sick at any time is not fun, but a misdiagnosis surely makes it 10 times worse!If you want to borrow any of my blogs, I’m at susankotch.com, and I have a few there you can “borrow” until you feel better. I enjoy your posts!

  • How long do we have for the contest? What’s an ISBN? Hope you get feeling better soon, take your time with recovery! I like to think up witty chapter titles when I can. If you need some help with the blog shoot me an email and I’ll do what I can for you! 🙂


    • Hi Jess,

      An ISBN is an “International Standard Book Number”. They are used to identify specific editions of a written work for the purposes of improved marketing. You might recognize them on physical products as a bar code. You can read as much info as you like at the following official link:

      I hope you get to feeling better soon, Kara. I’d gladly contribute to your blog while you recuperate if you want me too.


    • Kara

      Robert gave a great explanation of the ISBN, if it helps at all you can look on the barcode on any of your books and see it’s printed in small print usually above or below the bar code. This helps with copyrights and tracking and what not of your original work. For the contest I’m going to give you a little longer than I did for the last one. I should be announcing it soon. 🙂

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        K, thanks Kara! Once again if you need any help with your blog I’m happy to chip in, I’ve worked on a couple before so I have a basic idea of how to do things on WordPress etc etc. Feel better soon!


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