Launch Day has Arrived!

Hello all my lovely TWPeeps! I know it’s been a while since you last heard from me and for that I sincerely apologize. But I come bearing super awesome news, The Maladroit is now published as an Ebook. Huzzah! After months of agonizing and perhaps maladroitly fumbling around, the day is finally here. You can now own your very own E-copy of The Maladroit. Many of you have followed The Maladroit along her journey. Some of you have even been here since the beginning where you watched the story unfold week by week, chapter by chapter. If that’s you, you won’t want to miss the Ebook version because there were some changes (and much polishing) that went on to produce this final copy.

If you have no idea what The Maladroit is here is the book blurb:

The Maladroit the maladroit cover

Veterinarian Kaly Aiton is agile in her professional life. But when it comes to her personal life, she seems unable to pull off the same competency. Her clumsy nature made her used to awkward encounters and embarrassing situations, but nothing in her thirty-something years prepared her for Henry. His gorgeous smile and graceful manner has Kaly believing her luck has turned around… until the day Henry disappears, leaving her with his beloved dog Mortimer.

A seemingly random break-in is only the beginning of Kaly’s troubles, and she senses Henry is involved. As she struggles to figure out the burglars’ objective, she discovers she isn’t the only one searching for the illusive Henry. Someone else is hunting him and they appear willing to do anything, including getting rid of the competition—her.

Don’t forget the review!

I hope you’ll all rush right “out” to Amazon and pick up a copy. And if you like it I hope you’ll leave a review. Authors live and die by reviews so I would greatly appreciate it if you took a little time to do that for me!

This book really is dedicated to you, my fantastic TWPeeps! It was written just for you and wouldn’t have come this far without your love and support. I hope you’ll continue to love it as much as you have so far.

If you would like the paperback version, no worries, that will be out soon. I’m just waiting for my proof copy to give it one last look over and then it will be published for your consumption as well.

It’s a light, fast-paced read that will have you cheering for the somewhat clumsy protagonist until the very end.

Here is a direct link if you’d like to pick up a copy.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll try to be more active with my posts. And also The Writing Piazza will be undergoing some changes here soon that I’m really excited about. We will be adding more resources for authors. We want to make it more of a community like setting so keep coming back so you can check it out!

Until we meet again.

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