NaNo, thanks for the memories

Happy first Wednesday of December! Do you know what I love even more than Thanksgiving? Oh, that would be Christmas! I am so excited for Christmas. I thought I loved it as a kid but there’s nothing better than having kids on Christmas! I have twelve days of Christmas planned with a special activity for the days leading up to Christmas. I will be posting some pics on Instagram if you’re interested in following along you can join the fun there, my IG name is @thewritingpiazza.

20151126_153932Thanksgiving went awesomely!

I overdid it on the food, but that’s pretty par for the course for me.

Just look at all that yummy goodness right there.

I already miss the mouthwatering aromas that filled my house for the days before and of Thanksgiving. Of course I have something equally enticing in the smells department going right now. A balsam fir candle from Bath and Body Works, soooo magnificent! It really puts me in the mood for Christmas for sure. I also went to Half Price Books on Black Friday because there wasn’t really anything else that was worth me facing the masses that day. I also hit Toys R Us for the fellas shortly thereafter and got some Christmas shopping done while I was out.

Bulletin BoardI also signed up to design and put up a bulletin board for one of my fellas for their classroom. This gave me the excuse to spend copious amounts of time on Pinterest. I found a lot of cute boards. It was hard to pick just one but I did. And of course I just had to go with penguins! Here’s a little picture just so you can see the final product. It was fun working with my fella too to get it put up. It did take a bit of explaining to all those Arizona kids as to what the frozen lake was. Those aren’t exactly well known out here in the desert.

Of course none of this has really anything to do with my writing, so we’ll get back to it now. It’s just that a writer doesn’t just hole away all day every day doing nothing but practice their craft. Part of being a writer is the life you lead around the writing you do. But now back to the writing. Happy news, what has two thumbs and won NaNoWriMo 2015? This girl! I didn’t even hit the line for “where I should be” as far as word counts go until the last day when I crossed the finish line so it was a bit of a nail biter. But I made it so it’s time to enjoy the fruits of my labor.


I worked on the sequel to my Seeker Series for this second NaNo that I’ve done (and won yay!) and though it’s not finished, I’m 50,000 words closer to being done now than I was before I started. Once I finish the rough draft I’ll send it out to my beta readers if they’re interested, I know a few of them mentioned wanting the next book pretty badly. 🙂

And now that I’m not under the gun of NaNo, I can get back to the sorely neglected book The Maladroit. This month I am going to focus on setting up my first ever blog tour to help launch it. If you’re a blogger and would like to host a post or do an interview with me or do a book review, please let me know and I will add you to my tour schedule. If you haven’t joined my street team yet you really need to! We’ve got special giveaways and you get access to a lot of stuff that you otherwise wouldn’t for anyone who isn’t one of my lieutenants so message me at the end of this post or shoot me an email to let me know if you’d like to join. And of course, you get to read The Maladroit before it’s even published!

I think that brings us up to speed on everything. Before I get to slaving over my blog tour I think I may just take some time to do a little reading. My TBR pile is completely out of control. I may not have had time to read much in November but that certainly didn’t seem to slow down my book purchasing. I’ll post some reviews of what I’m reading to. If you haven’t already checked it out, TWP started doing book reviews. You can check those out here BOOK REVIEWS. So far they have just been reviews of books by the authors we’ve interviewed but I think I’ll add in a few from the books I read that don’t accompany interviews as well. Unless you think I shouldn’t. 😉

Alright, that does it for this week. Thanks for stopping by, you all are the bee’s knees!

Until we meet again.


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