Nitty Gritty Update

Heeeeyo! Happy Wednesday. I don’t have much of an update. Life has gotten in the way once again. This time in the form of my parents’ boisterous puppy who tore a huge chunk out of my hand when we were playing one evening. Thus making typing extremely difficult (well, making everything difficult really). I haven’t written anything in this past week. I’ve got a couple other things in the works that aren’t writing related. Those things have taken up much of my time. So I haven’t done anything with my writing this past week.

I’m still working on getting my ISBNs. It seems like Bowker is just out to make my life even more difficult. I’m hoping in the next day or so to finally have them in my hot little hand. I hope by this time next week I will have cut through all the nonsense and finally have some ISBNs of my very own.

I’m still looking for more people to join my book launch team. So if you like to receive books before the general public, if you like fun contests and if you like exclusive content then you need to join my team asap! Cause you’ll get all that and then some. So leave me a message below or email me at I’ve got a private Facebook group just for my launch team and when you sign up to join my book launch team you will be given access to this group. Once there you will have the chance to win Amazon gift cards already so don’t wait any longer, join today!

I’m going to end here, my hand is throbbing and it’s taken forever just to get this far. So I will do my best to make up for today’s post by making next week’s post extra special. Thanks for bearing with me, there’s still tons of other great stuff here on TWP so I hope you’ll wander around for a bit. Have a great week!

Until we meet again.

  • Sorry about your hand! Hope it gets better quickly! Can’t wait to hear back from my book launch team recruits 🙂 😀


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