Party of the Year

Hello my long lost fellow Writing Piazza peeps. I am so sorry I missed last week, but we had the Harry Potter Party blowout and it got a little hectic. I thought I’d include a few pics just to show you I wasn’t out slacking off somewhere when I missed last weeks’ post.

Party Pic 1 Party Pic 2 Party Pic 12Party Pic 11 Party Pic 10 Party Pic 9 Party Pic 8 Party Pic 6 Party Pic 5 Party Pic 4 Party Pic 3 Party Pic 7We all had

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It was sad to see the party end. But end it did and now I’m back to focus once again on writing and documenting my journey to getting published. I do have another blog where I show all the different decorations I made for the party.

If you’re interested, you can check it out here at Piazza Parties. I will be adding more posts as time permits but I have quite a few up already. It’s my crafts and party blog so if you’re looking for party ideas head on over there and take a look.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program! I have been frantically trying to get caught up on all the writing stuff I missed last week due to the party. I think I finally have things back under control. I’ve got an incredible interview lined up for Friday with author/actor Gregor Collins, who wrote a touching book about the time he spent with a holocaust refugee. So be sure you check it out on Friday, it’s an amazing story and I’m so honored that I was able to interview him.

I also finished formatting my novella so now all I need is my cover design and I’ll be ready to publish my book! I’m super excited and also completely nervous. If any of you have done book launches before and want to offer me some advice I would be forever in your debt! I’ll keep the rest of you posted on when that book launch will be. I’ll be doing some giveaways and a drawing for a giftcard for anyone who does a review on Amazon for my book so I hope you’ll all help a sister out and do that for me!

The deadline for the second short story contest is almost upon us as well. I’m so excited to start reading the entries so be sure you’re getting those in on time if you’re entering. I hope a lot of you are entering. I want to put out a really great book to help raise money for the Beagle Freedom Project. It’s such a great organization and the winners will be able to list the anthology on their writer’s resume as published works! It’s a win-win situation that I really believe in so I’m hoping a lot of you will be entering.

I also received the synopsis for the book the Writing Piazza Press will be publishing in the future from an author I can’t wait to introduce you all to! I’m beyond stoked that she agreed to let me publish her book and I am chomping at the bit to tell you more but it will have to wait!

I think that catches us all up. Things should be back to normal now that the party of the year is done. Oh, I almost forgot! We are adding a new segment to The Writing Piazza! We will now be offering book reviews in addition to our author interviews. So if you are an author who would like your book reviewed by The Writing Piazza, please shoot us an email at So much exciting stuff happening right now, I’ll let you go before I just completely overwhelm you!

Until we meet again.

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