Refilling My Inspiration Well

Happy Wednesday TWPeeps! I hope this new year is treating you well and is full of inspiration. I myself am knee-deep in preparations for launching The Maladroit. I have successfully sent out requests to my insanely long list of book reviewers and bloggers. I am awaiting, with bated breath, their responses. In the mean time I am working on getting the book formatted and having a cover made. Then we should be ready to go!

It’s so exciting! I hope you all will help me to spread the word once it’s launched. That’s what I really need help with. I was secretly hoping I’d turn out to be a book marketing genius or something but that has yet to be the case. So I’m open to ideas, don’t be afraid to think outside the box people!

My Inspiration

books, inspirationIn the down times I have also been reading, like, a lot. I’m on book 11 so far this year. I think it is so, so important for writers to be readers too. It’s the best writing school out there. Not that actual writing schools aren’t important, but reading books is what draws us into the storytelling world. We can see what works and what doesn’t work. We know a bad book when we read it and oftentimes that teaches us even more than a great book. It’s like the street smarts version of a writing education.

So if you plan on being a writer, or you already are one, I hope you are reading constantly. One of my favorite quotes is by Harold J. Ockengawho who once said “Read to refill the wells of inspiration.” I hope you are refilling your well as much as you possibly can. I hope your TBR pile is humongous. I hope you can’t pass a book store without picking up a new book or two. And if you already do all those things, then you and I are kindred spirits, we should start a club, I’ll make the t-shirts. 🙂

Well that concludes all the news I have for this week. But you don’t have to go yet, there’s so many other great things to see and do here on The Writing Piazza. Check out our Resources for Authors page. There are a ton of great articles there. We also have a bunch of Book Reviews if you are looking for a book recommendation. And we have some incredible Guest Interviews with a lot of talented authors and other industry professionals so be sure to check those out too. Thanks for stopping by.

Until we meet again.

  • Hey Kara,

    Wow, 11 books! That’s a lot. I agree about reading. It provides a lot of inspiration. Sometimes, I look up a lot of quotes on inspiration. They are great for writers, entrepreneurs, etc.

    Hope to come back and connect with you again.


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