Simple Tips for Search Engine Optimization

Tips for SEOBy now you have heard time and time again about SEO. “You need to make your content SEO!” In this article I will give you some simple tips and fresh thoughts on the subject. Search Engine Optimization is simply a fancy way of stating ‘can people find you quickly using Google?’ There are a few specific tips I will share here but overall the idea is to get noticed. This article is not aimed at getting rid of professionals. Large businesses and corporations have need of an SEO expert due to the massive amount of content. Small businesses, writers, artist and other solo acts really benefit from the wisdom below as it saves your bottom line and allows you to take direct control of how people notice you.

I will start by asking you a simple question, “Why do you want to get noticed?” Do you desire Popularity? Wealth? Or just to Share what you have with the world because you can. People can tell if you are just out there trying to sell things and if you are seeking fame for fame’s sake.

Create content that matters. Share what you love with the world. If you can make one person think about what you create, really make them feel something, then you have made a difference and you will get noticed. Also do not expect to get noticed overnight. IT TAKES TIME. We live in such a blazing, high speed society, we expect to see instant results. But it will take a while for your created content to get noticed. Some content takes longer to gain traction. Other times you are on cue and people are ready for your content right away. But we all have our time and place. If you’re patient and persistent you will get noticed.

Google has changed their formula for who gets noticed many, many times. Their goal is to eliminate people who spam and create false, non-related content. For 2015 they have updated their Algorithm, which some have called Pigeon. You can read here. What does all this mean to you? Google wants to let people find what is relevant to their location. Google wants to help people find what they are actually interested in. This is good news for you as a content creator. If you buy and sell used auto parts in town, people will be able to find your store when they search for “auto parts.” If you create mystery thrillers and you are active in your community, your name will come up as a “local author.” If you design architecture in a local area and have a hard time getting noticed, do you have your location turned on? Turning on your location allows people to find your business and what you do. This creates more business for you.

Be known and heard.

If you are a writer and wondering “why is my content not selling?” then I must ask “do you get out and mingle?” You do not have to sell your books on the local corner or bug the heck out of people, just show up to places where authors gather. Put some volunteer time in at the library reading to kids. Make sure you tell people you are doing such things on Facebook and Twitter. Your activities are original content and that is what will get noticed.

If you want to be known, the best place to be known is in groups with like-minded people such as yourself. is a great place to find locals with similar interest. Attend events with meet up or at your local college/ university. Online is a good place with Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups and Google+ Communities. Google + has many hangout video features for people who attend meet ups live.

If you want to be heard, make sure people will want to hear it. This is where best friends and family come into play. After your content passes peer review, then post it on your website. Link to it on Google +, Facebook and Twitter. If you are an illustrator, Deviant Art is a great place. Use sites like Tumblr or Instagram for pictures and image content. On a final note: “USE HASHTAGS THAT ARE RELEVANT.” People search often by hashtags. One or two hashtags will make a difference in getting your content noticed. Do not overload it with more than three. Do a search on Twitter for popular hashtags. Find one that is relevant and then use it in your comments about your work.

Make your website simple and direct.

You do not need to get fancy with your company website and what you sell. Just make sure to include all relevant items in the title of the page and within your subpages. If you do small engine repair, do not call your website Bob’s Building of Building. It may be a catchy phrase but you have left out what you do in the title. If you want people to find you, this is a way to stick out a sign that says what you do. Bob should change his website title to “Bob’s Small Engine Repair.” This is simple and direct and if anyone needs his services they will find him in no time.

Capitalize on Social Media

Do not forget about social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Word of mouth is not enough and to increase your presence on the web you must use these sites to your advantage. Think of them as small extensions of your website and make sure to update them as often as your website.

Facebook has positioned itself as a utility company for social media replacing the yellow pages as your go to for finding people. Everyone including your grandmother is on Facebook so make sure to keep content family friendly or else you may alienate some of your audience. Making offers for your business through Facebook is a good idea. Advertising on Facebook with a local target focus is an excellent way to reach out. Using Bob’s Small Engine Repair as an example, Bob the owner can set up an ad campaign to increase his SEO and actual foot traffic into his shop. More on this in another article.

Twitter is a great way to increase your overall SEO in a quick, easy to use format. Twitter is a business focused web platform aimed to be the news platform of the 21st century. If you are a celebrity or own a business, you should be on Twitter. Share your thoughts and link articles. Make sure the content is relevant to what you do. For example: Bob’s Small Engine Repair would want to share videos about some of the products he is selling at the shop. Also Bob the Owner would want to follow manufacturers so he could keep up to date on what they are doing and share their content, increasing his SEO presence while spreading meaningful content.

Create what you love.

Having a passion for what you do will shine through. People will be drawn to what you have created. Start locally, get others to look at your work. Interact and improve yourself. Constantly strive to be the best at what you do. This is a lifelong commitment but very achievable. When you finally get there, people will tell you. Your friends and family will know when you are ready for the public eye, listen to them and then go forward. Be the best artist, musician or carpenter the world has seen. But make sure you love it.

There are thousands of articles on the web concerning SEO. Please do your homework and study what it takes to get noticed. If you have no knowledge of how to code and build a website, do not worry. You can sign up to get an account with Word Press for FREE and see how easy it is to make your own website! If you want to do more research on Google’s ranking policies this- is a good place to start. Understanding what Google’s philosophy is can help you formulate your own plan to show the world what you can do. Sharing what you love with the world is what life is about.

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Article Written By: Richard Leon
Richard is the creative perseverance, writer and creator of the popular RPG New Gods of Mankind. He also works on mobile applications and game design. You can follow him @darkskullstudio

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