The Fire Has Been Rekindled

Hello my friends. My apologies for being MIA for the last couple weeks. My motivational levels have been so low for all things writing lately. But I have still been doing a whole lot of reading, like, a lot of reading. That coupled with a great meeting with my critique group has helped to light a fire under me once more. I have passed along my Maladroit manuscript to an editor to give it one last polish. Then I’ll pass it on to my formatter and then get a book cover designed. A good book cover designer will need the exact measurements of your book which includes how many pages there will be. If they don’t ask for that info, that’s a good sign that they haven’t done many (if any) covers professionally. You don’t want to pay money for a book cover only to find out it won’t work because they didn’t know what to ask for.

It’s crazy how many elements go into getting a book published. Every time I think I’ve got all my ducks in a row I seem to find a plethora of other little things I have yet to do. I’m hoping these last few steps will be the last I need to take before I can finally publish this beast. I’m just ready for it to fly or crash on its own merits. I’m sure once I do get it out there, you will then get to hear all about my adventures in marketing that will be the next phase of my journey. I’m excited to see where the road takes me. I know a lot of authors hate the marketing aspect of publishing but I’m kinda psyched about it. I like learning about all the different ways people have marketed their books. If you are an author and have unique marketing ideas please pass them along, I always love hearing them!

I’m still working on trying to get my novel series (The Seeker Series) published traditionally as well. I am working on my query letter and I have been having my critique partners look over my first ten pages to make sure they are ready to go should anyone request the pages. Once I’ve got that all done I’ll do yet another round of querying. I’ll keep you posted on all of that too.

Again, just wanted to remind all my fellow writers out there that we are still accepting entries for TWP’s second writing contest. You can read the details HERE. It’s to benefit a great organization and will offer writers some good exposure. So I really hope you will enter, I’m looking forward to reading what you all come up with!

Well that about sums up what I’ve been up to. I’ll make sure to not go so long without talking to all of you. I really do enjoy our little chats. 🙂

  • hey Kara good luck with that I’ve been following since I discovered your site months ago.

    • Kara

      Thanks for following! And thanks for the well wishes! Are you a writer too?

      • Avatar

        yes ma’am that’s correct I’m retired US Navy, but living in Thailand happily married to a librarian from Ohio

        • Kara

          That’s so awesome! What genre do you write? What are you currently working on? Have you published anything? I’m always excited to meet other writers! 🙂

          • The project is the first of what I plan to be a series of Space Opera novels, set in the far distant future.

            The math and science are as technically correct as I can manage, but most of it is background to the main story.

            The Adventures of Nisa Jax will serve as a chronicle of a young woman’s career as a space explorer.

            I also enjoy digital space art, designing images of alien worlds, and solar systems.

            Good luck with your Beagle project!

          • Kara

            That sounds awesome! Sci-Fi is my first love. My novel seris that I’m working on is sci-fi. I love the limitless world building you can run wild with. I hope you’ll keep in touch with your progress! 

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