The Upside of Ho-Hum

Happy Wednesday TWPeeps! I feel as though I have failed you all. I have nothing new on the writing front to report to all of you. My heart aches to tell you something that’s way more entertaining for all of you. I wish that I could do exciting things each and every week and report them back to you but my life has been pretty ho-hum this past week on the writing front.

The glamourous life of a writer, it’s what dreams are made of I assure you. Speaking of dreams, I had a really weird dream a few nights ago where a pair of giant lips (nothing but lips) were riding an elevator. I can’t recall what they were doing on said elevator, but the image of it was so memorable that I still remember it even still. Most of my dreams are forgotten within five minutes of waking up. But it was super bizarre and yet kind of awesome. Perhaps I should do another writing contest around it since it worked so amazingly the last time. If you’d like to read the stories that came from that, you can check out this link Contests and read the winning entries. They absolutely exceeded my expectations! And they were all inspired by a dream I had which ended with “grab your toothbrush and let’s go save the world.”

I’m still looking for people to join my street team. If you or anyone you know would like to help me out, please let me know, either by commenting below or emailing me at

I promise I will try to do better for next week and be a little more excited for all of you. I feel as though I have let you down and I shall do my best to not let it happen again. In the mean time, if you have anything exciting that you’ve been up to please let us all know in the comments section below and maybe you’ll spark some ideas for how I can spice things up. 🙂

Aside from the whole writing thing, I do have some fun stuff planned for my fellas for this Christmas. I’ll be doing the 12 days of Christmas with them, each day a special something so if you’d like to follow along with our fun-filled days, join me on Instagram @thewritingpiazza.

Thanks for stopping by today and thanks for bearing with the slow times. The work of an author occasionally has its dry spells. It’s all just part of the behind the scenes look at what it’s like to write a novel series. But on the upside, I didn’t get a pile of rejection letters this week so I’ve got that going for me. And tonight I have my writer’s critique group so all in all, we’re chalking this week up in the WIN category! Huzzah!

Until we meet again.

  • I’m so fascinated by these elevator lips. I’m betting that people would come from miles around to ride that elevator just to get a glimpse of them and ask it profound questions about life.

    It beats my dream last night about utilizing super strength to move peoples’ anchored boats while they weren’t looking and then getting my instant comeuppance when a terrifying water spout sucked me out of the bay and threw me a few miles. It was scarier than it sounds.

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