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Oh. My. Goodness. So much craziness this past week. But I am here to dutifully report it all to you because that’s how much you all mean to me. Imagine if you will, the Doogie Howser, M.D. music is playing in the background as you read this, because I’m totally playing the song right now while I’m typing. If this blog feels a little 80’s or sappy, blame it on the music.

I had more tests done for the pain I’ve been experiencing. And during my test the power went out in the hospital. Luckily the machine doing the test was hooked up to the backup generator so they could finish the test (which took about an hour and a half, yuck). But I was able to have an entertaining conversation with the lab techs since they weren’t able to work on anything else while the power was out.

In other family medical news, one of the fellas had a tumble off his scooter on his way to school and broke a couple teeth. He’s such a tough guy though so he didn’t tell anyone what happened until he got home from school. I had to frantically track down a dentist to make an appointment asap while I finished getting dinner ready. Since it was so late in the afternoon the soonest they could get him in was the next morning so I was still able to make a meeting that I had already had to reschedule once.

I also had my writer’s critique group this past week and a meeting for my church. And we were finally able to go out for a family dinner to celebrate my birthday which was almost exactly a month ago. I think you’ll agree that I’ve had a very eventful week since I last posted. You make think this means that I was unable to fulfill the goal I set last week (that I asked you to keep me accountable on) but you’d be wrong, well mostly wrong. 🙂 I did in fact finish brainstorming my chapter titles. And I bugged my cover artist for my cover art for The Maladroit. The only thing I was unable to do was write more for the sequel.

In my defense, besides all the crazy things I’ve had going on, I’ve also been working a lot on the fellas’ birthday party that is in just over two weeks. I may not have the chance to write anything much until the party is over but I will still try. I have yet to come up with any ideas that were just so amazing I had to stop everything to write them down. But I will keep trying to come up with them.

Until then, I thought I’d share my chapter titles with you and see what you all think. Let me know if there are any you absolutely hate or think I should change. But if you all like them, you will be seeing them soon in the official copy of The Maladroit that you’re going to get as soon as it becomes available right??? 😉

  1. Random Run-In
  2. Searching for Answers
  3. More Questions and Mr. Snuggles
  4. Revolving Speculations
  5. Bulldog’s Intuition
  6. Courthouse Tumbling
  7. Near Death Deja Vu
  8. Desperate Measures
  9. Meteors and Artificial Inteligence
  10. Surreal Conversations
  11. Aliens and Abduction
  12. Maladroit Ever After

So there they are, let me know what you think in the comments below. I hope you have a great rest of your week!

Until we meet again.

  • Sounds like you sure had an eventful and topsy turvy week! Had to get a couple of shots the other day and they’ve unfortunately made me sick 🙁 But, I also got new glasses to replace the broken ones 😀 I’ve never heard of Doogie Howser, but I want to look him up now! 🙂


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    Hope all is well! Seems like when it rains, it pours, right?I just wanted to comment about the chapter titles. I wrote a YA book, and struggled with whether or not to title the chapters, or just number them. With teens, I wasn’t sure whether the chapter titles added value or not, and I’m still not sure of the answer to that. So I went with numbers and it worked out well. When I read, I know I’m sometimes amused at the titles the author uses for the chapters, but I’m not sure how many readers feel the same. Interesting… I’m wondering if there’s ever been a survey about it? I haven’t come across one yet.

    • Susan, as a younger reader of many different genres and books, I personally love chapter titles most of the time. Take Rick Riordan’s famous series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Each chapter was always related to the chapter, quite amusing (in the second grade, a long time ago I remember the boys were always musing of the chapters, the one that stands out in my memory is “Grover Loses His Pants”), and they never spoiled what was going to happen. For example, let’s say in the end of a book the side character Susan is going to die in an explosion. If it says “Susan Has a Blast” (how cruel) or “Susan Says Goodbye” (which can quite honestly be interpreted many different ways, but details details) then most people can probably assume she would die. I always like to read through the table of contents when they’re chapter titles, if I see something amusing, like (quoting PJO: The Lightning Thief [Book 1]) “A War God Buys Us Burgers” then I’ll probably want to read the book and not it down until I see what that’s all about. That’s my input, but I’m sure there are others who agree. Jess

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