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Hola mis hermosos lectores! For those of you gringas like me, that means hello my beautiful readers. I love google translate. This post may be a surprise for those of you who are used to my posts coming out on Fridays. I was just itching to share with you this week so I thought I’d move it up a bit. Going forward I will be switching my posts to Wednesdays and interviews to Fridays.

I was so excited to write this post because this past weekend I went to a writer’s conference and it was awesome! If you’ve never been to a writer’s conference you should absolutely go. My only advice is to make sure it’s a worthwhile one. If Jane Doe is holding one in her basement, that’s probably not worth your time or money (unless maybe Jane has been on the NYT bestseller’s list for years and is best friends with a slew of literary agents). The conference I went to had a couple great keynote speakers and a bunch of great session speakers. They had pitch sessions with literary agents and one-on-one critique meetings with editors where you could go over your query letter or parts of your manuscript. And there were so many amazing writers! There’s just something about being surrounded by people who understand what being a writer is like.

I left feeling energized. Here was a convention center full of people who write. It’s hard not to feel a desperate need to create when you see a room full of people that are incredibly creative. Not to mention my competitive nature was definitely aroused. But it was a good kind of competitive feeling. It’s so different from law school. In law school they grade on a curve, which means everyone is competing against one another for the top grades. It’s a zero sum game. But in the writing world, though you may be competing for book contracts, there’s still a camaraderie. Just because someone else succeeds doesn’t mean you fail. There is room for many winners in this game. Seeing writers helping one another, offering advice, bouncing around ideas, giving encouragement, it was just such a great experience!

I was also able to meet an agent that I’ve been wanting to query and I spoke with an amazing editor about some questions I had about my MS. I sat in on some great breakout sessions where I learned a lot. There were a number of topics, everything from getting out of slush piles to character development to social media for authors. There were so many informative classes it was hard to choose between them.

I was also able to meet author Brandon Mull, the bestselling author who wrote the Fablehaven series and the Beyonders (along with a number of other fabulous books). I don’t know about anyone else but I get really inspired when I hear other authors share their journeys. (I loved the movie they made on JK Rowling’s story.) I’d been looking for a new series to read to my fellas after we finish Harry Potter so I purchased his Fablehaven series and got them signed for my boys! Authors are kind of like my rockstars so it was really cool to get my picture with him as well.

Brandon Mull

It was really well timed for me. Not just because I got to meet the agent I want to query right before I query him (which is super awesome) but because querying usually means getting a number of rejection letters. It can be a difficult time for writers so it was nice to have this experience to get me revved up before I take the proverbial leap off the cliff that is querying. I am getting close to completing my query letter so I’m hoping to start sending them out in the next week or so, so stay tuned. It’s about to get interesting!

And as always, until we meet again!

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