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Getting published with a traditional publisher these days feels a lot like playing the lottery. The odds of having your manuscript published by a large publishing house is pretty much on point with winning the jackpot. With a multitude of authors deciding to self-publish instead, the game is changing for the book industry. I have been traveling my own journey as a writer and was planning to simply publish my work traditionally (in fact I am still querying my YA Sci-Fi series).

Along the way I started blogging about everything I’m doing to become a published author. It was through this blog that I wrote a novella called The Maladroit for the fantastic people who have been following me and my story. It started off that I wanted to give them a taste of what my writing is like, get them excited for when my novel series finally comes out. I had such great feedback on it that I decided to self-publish it.

I know that self-publishing has its drawbacks. It’s hard to get your work taken seriously as a self-published author (although it’s becoming more accepted) but I was ok with putting in the work and paying my dues. But then I started meeting other authors through my travels in cyberspace and I became more and more frustrated that their work wasn’t being snatched up by traditional publishers.

That’s when I made the decision to start my own impress. I wanted to help other authors publish their work. I wanted to help get more quality books into the hands of readers. That’s why I started Writing Piazza Press. Knowing how amazing it would be to be selected by a publisher for publication, I want to make such a dream come true for other authors. When I was little, when other people wanted to be doctors and lawyers, I wanted to be a genie. I wanted to be able to grant wishes. I am so grateful that now I will be able to do that for some talented, amazing writers out there.

So check back often, we will be adding new titles when we get them. If you’d like to join our email list to get access to news about our books even before they’re published then shoot us an email at thewritingpiazza@gmail.com and we’ll add you. If you’d like to be involved in making dreams come true, email us that as well. We’re always on the lookout for future dream-makers!

Our first published work The Maladroit is now live as an Ebook! You can pick up your copy Here! Keep checking back for future titles.

Until we meet again.