Our Titles

We are always looking for new manuscripts to publish here at Writing Piazza Press. Here are the titles we have to offer now.

The Maladroit

the maladroit coverVeterinarian Kaly Aiton is agile in her professional life. But when it comes to her personal life, she seems unable to pull off the same competency. Her clumsy nature made her used to awkward encounters and embarrassing situations, but nothing in her thirty-something years prepared her for Henry. His gorgeous smile and graceful manner has Kaly believing her luck has turned around… until the day Henry disappears, leaving her with his beloved dog Mortimer.

A seemingly random break-in is only the beginning of Kaly’s troubles, and she senses Henry is involved. As she struggles to figure out the burglars’ objective, she discovers she isn’t the only one searching for the illusive Henry. Someone else is hunting him and they appear willing to do anything, including getting rid of the competition—her.

You can pick up a copy HERE.